Website Security & Online IT Support

Can your business afford downtime?

Solgistic’s® comprehensive website services are designed to meet the core critical needs of small to medium size business which has identified that the up-time of their live environment is a significant factor to the foundation of their business. Ideal for business owners and managers that require a proactive and robust technical support system, our approach mitigates risk and ensures maximum up-time of your website and supporting software.

Our website security and IT support systems include, but are not limited to:

  • ensuring that company websites are secure;
  • protecting websites from hacking;
  • providing a stable update path through implementation of development sites, and;
  • optimizing websites so that they operate at maximum performance and as a result, they deliver the best possible experience to their users both front end and back.

Our assessment is done by performing a complete technical review of your live assets and noting concerns or issues that might compromise site security goals and/or cause downtime. It includes a breakdown of our findings, recommended strategies and associated costs of addressing areas of opportunity to ensure the site(s) remain in peak operating state.

If your website handles payments, receives customer data or aids staff in operations, downtime can have a crippling effect on the bottom line.

So how do you know if your site is really secure? Here’s a checklist to help you determine your online security:

  1. Do you have SSL Certification? Sites that are not configured to be secure with the use of an SSL certificate running the HTTPS protocol have vulnerabilities to their Firewall and Admin logins from hackers. Adding this layer of security will also increase Google rankings. 
Do you have Test Sites (ie Development sites) in place for system updates? A test site is a fully operating copy of the website available on the Internet but with limited access to only those people tasked with testing. It offers the ability to test software upgrades (ie Joomla & WordPress) and various plugins and extensions, prior to implementing those changes. It is also used to test significant changes to the user experience (i.e. design or page flow) before those changes are implemented in the live environment. The use of test sites dramatically reduces the likelihood of a live site outage.

  2. Are you routinely and regularly running system updates? Systems, plugins and extensions release regular updates. Best practice is always to apply upgrades as soon as possible – especially if those updates contain security fixes.

  3. Is your Hosting secure and is your platform robust enough to handle your performance needs?

  4. Do you have a current backup? Automated backups can be routinely done. A regular backup ensures that there is always a recent copy of the site available to recover in the event of a website failure.

Website System Assessment – $199 (discounted with annual service plan)

Rates listed are in Canadian dollars and are exclusive of GST.