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How Difficult Can It Be?

By |February 26th, 2016|Software Development|

Building software is hard to do. Mostly this is because doing so means being successful with a large number of things: A clear understanding of the business needs you are trying to address. A clear understanding of the business value and return on investment that will be realized and how to measure that success. A [...]

Keep Yourself Safe Online

By |February 9th, 2016|Security|

I'm cautious to say the least when it comes to keeping myself safe online. So over the years I've developed some habits to minimize my risk online which I'd love to share with you. These are tips that will significantly reduce the odds of having your personal and business internet based accounts hacked. There are [...]

Solgistic.com now secured with SSL

By |February 8th, 2016|News|

As part of my commitment to protect your privacy and solgistic.com, I've implemented SSL and https support. All information going back and forth between you and solgistic.com is now strongly encrypted via the https protocol. If you would like information on how I did this using Wordpress then contact me and I can provide you [...]

Information Technology is not a checklist

By |January 28th, 2016|IT Strategy|

Building a business that leverages Information Technology (IT) successfully is not a checklist, it’s a process - at its core a surprisingly creative process that relies on experience and knowledge supported by a well honed set of values and principles. Its NOT “just buy this app” or “get in the cloud” and all your business [...]

Stay tuned…

By |December 14th, 2015|Website Info|

Welcome. This website is getting a complete overhaul and I'm preparing some amazing content which will provide you with some unique perspectives on using information technology to attain the business outcomes you are looking for. Stay tuned...