Service: Software and Information Strategy Consulting

You are a business owner or corporate executive who has a business poised to grow but you are struggling with how to leverage software and/or information to support that growth.

You want to invest wisely, yet take full advantage of all the benefits of a clear and well thought out software and information strategy.

I’m here to show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be. I’m here to answer your questions, to help you find clarity and a sense of direction. I’m here to help you succeed in business with an appropriate software and information strategy. You come to me for a unique perspective that only years of experience and accumulated knowledge can provide. Conditions that will ultimately power your success in your business. You come to me for a perspective that does not recommend information technology solutions for the sake of such solutions, but rather because they generate substantive and tangible business benefits.

I will show you how to understand the real problems you face and recommend such solutions.

At the end of this process you’ll have an actionable plan to develop your business by appropriately leveraging software and information to support your business goals.


Step 1: Research and Assess

Start the process by contacting me using my private contact form or send an email to me at

I’ll provide you with a link to an online form which you’ll complete to give me the information I need to better understand your business. This form provides things like an understanding the current state of your software and business information, your future business goals and the issues & pain points in your business that you are already aware exist.

I work behind the scenes before our initial call, reviewing your submission and using my many years of experience I’ll generate ideas on how your situation could be addressed and formulate a detailed plan to further research with your organization.

We next meet via Skype, when I will ask probing and clarifying questions and share my observations and insights thus far.

I’ll ask to speak with key people in your organization who are most impacted as well as those who best understand the issues & pain points that have been identified. I’ll schedule interviews in person if possible or alternately via Skype to delve into root causes as well as identify additional issues and pain points that may also exist.

Step 2: Create and Review an appropriate Software and Information Strategy

With the detailed information collected during Step 1, I’ll apply considerable experience to articulate the key issues that I’ve found and ideas on how to best address them.

I’ll prepare a final recommendation which will provide a Software and Information Strategy appropriate for your current IT, business and financial situation. I’ll never recommend a “boil the ocean” approach. In some instances I may actually recommend non-IT based solutions where prudent.

Things we may explore during your consultations

  • Understand your business goals and objectives.
  • Discuss and understand critical people management concerns and risks.
  • Understand the current culture relative to change.
  • Properly understand, identify and define business processes and associated information that is crucial for your business to be successful.
  • Properly understand, identify information that is crucial to measure your business processes and ensure that they run smoothly.
  • Review and understand the current state of your existing software implementations.
  • Review and understand current data management practises and approaches to data integration across your organization.
  • Industry and external factors that impact your business.
  • Concerns about the use and implementation of software and information strategy.
  • Budget constraints and other key risks.

Our work together is designed to evaluate where your business is right now & to set you on the path to where you want it to be.


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*NOTE: These consultations don’t include software assessment and implementation, or custom software development.