Not another drive-by Billboard!

Building a compelling website or successful eCommerce store requires more than slapping up a bunch of content into a WordPress theme and pushing it out on the Internet. I’m reminded of a business coach who gave me quite a jolt a few years back when he told me that my website at the time was just like a drive by billboard. Just like so many of the billboards we pass on the highway, my website was something that people surfed by and promptly forgot. Imagine instead, he went on to say, that your website clearly communicated your brand and worldview? Think bigger than a billboard, he gestured, how about your website as an active channel for people to understand you, resonate with you and want to reach out to you and your business as a result?

Understanding your brand, mission and purpose

At Solgistic® we’ve rolled all that thinking into how we provide build and deliver compelling and effective websites. A website that proudly displays and portrays your business brand to the world. It starts with a conversation about you and your brand, mission and purpose. What are the important business objectives you have for your website? We’ll discuss with you the possible strategies that can be employed on a website such as blogging, email marketing, landing pages, SEO and social media and ensure you understand the implications of each strategy. You’ll come away with an understanding of the care and feeding required to be successful with each strategy so that you can make an informed decision of which to employ in your business strategy.

The best possible design

With that understanding and support from our design partner Meringue3.14, we provide you with a fixed priced, iterative and phased project proposal to design and deliver your website. Our iterative design process ensures you have ample opportunity to reflect on the design through all stages of it’s development. It is through this iterative process that all the design elements for your site including logo, brand colours, typography, layout, messaging and imagery come together in a way that allows you time to reflect and provide timely feedback on the design as it evolves. This is the approach from which your best possible design emerges. A design that reflects your brand. A design that is uniquely yours.

A high quality implementation

But we don’t stop there. Your website design must be accurately translated into a maintainable website using software that looks good on all devices from desktops to tablets to mobile phones. Its more than just about implementing a responsive design, it’s paying close attention to ensure your site behaves well on all of those devices. We come prepared with thoroughly researched software that we use to implement your website. All of the components of your website including the choices of plugins, themes and the core platform have been thoroughly researched and vetted against our criteria for quality. We take this very seriously. Our commitment is to ensure your website brand is delivered with the highest possible quality, stability, privacy and safety.

Prices that fit your budget

Our passion is supporting your business growth and prosperity. To this end, Solgistic® brings years of big company, enterprise software practices and technologies at an affordable price to small and medium businesses. Through the use of a well honed project approach and upfront software automation and architecture we are able to offer prices that are extremely competitive for the high quality of work we deliver. For example, a typical small business website ranges in price from $2500 to $5000 (CAD). And we can deliver a robust eCommerce store for an additional $3000 to $8000 (CAD) depending on number of products and availability of high quality product images. And we don’t stop at just websites and eCommerce stores. Our high quality software development approach includes the development of custom requirements you may have to support with your unique competitive business capabilities. From providing custom public facing features on your website or integration of your website and it’s data with your internal business systems such as Customer Relationship Management and Inventory systems. All of this is provided with a well defined and clearly articulated scope and a fixed price so there are no surprises. This is our commitment of accountability to you.

We’re here to support you

Once your site is live and your brand is available for all the world to see, we want to make sure it stays at the peak of performance that we worked so hard to deliver. To this end, we provide very competitive quarterly support subscriptions that give you peace of mind that your site will continue to function and deliver 24/7.