Solgistic® Custom Software Solutions Amplify Your Business

The Internet and the devices we use to access it hold hold amazing promise to help you engage with your customers worldwide in ways that expand and amplify your business, but only if the software you use doesn’t get hacked, is stable and provides the experience your customers desire and your employees require.

Solgistic® is here to make sure that happens with software you use to help your business function and grow smoothly. We are committed to do that in a way that is affordable, clear, credible and with high integrity. We want to be your go-to company for all things software in your business.

Solgistic® Aligns To Your Business Needs

We are able to build custom software solutions in any of three architectures (1) Custom software hosted by Solgistic® in the cloud (Saas), (2) Custom software on mobile devices and (3) Custom downloadable software you install internally within your organization’s internal network. No matter what architecture, we ensure your custom solution supports the outcomes you are looking for in your business. We do this using well articulated user stories that capture and communicate the user and business outcomes desired and ensure that all our custom software solutions deliver to those outcomes. It is this commitment to addressing your true business needs that underlies everything that we do – we are here to support your business success.

Solgistic® Operates Transparently and With Accountability

There are many software companies who hide behind the complexity of IT concepts, often deflecting blame for issues that arise to the technology or the users who operate the technology. We are different. At Solgistic®, we operate in ways that ensure you always know what we are doing, how much it’s going to cost and we are always accountable to those commitments.

For the projects Solgistic® quotes, we avoid the hourly rate approach – preferring instead to be accountable through fixed price bids on all the work that we do. Our confidence in doing this is our indication to you that we have the experience and accountability to do what we say we will.

Solgistic® Technology

At Solgistic® we leverage what we believe to be the best software development technology that we believe ensures cost effective and high quality custom software solutions. Our current software development technology stack consists of React and React Native for web and mobile interface development respectively, and NodeJS for back-end services that support those interfaces. Our programming language of choice is Javascript.