You want to improve your business outcomes. You want a business model that enables innovation or provides that critical capability that maximizes your competitive advantage. You want your people to focus on creative output and serving your customers. You want to empower your customers to manage their own experience as they use your products and services. You want your business to rise above the noise of our modern world in ways that engage and delight your customers. This is your life’s work and it is important to you.

I’m Steve Dolha and I’m here to show you how to grow and scale your business using information technology. I will work closely with you and your people to understand what is happening in your business right now and what your vision for the future is.

By first understanding your unique business context, I can then recommend innovative ways to confidently move your business forward with support from the right information technology systems. Whether it be vendor applications you use on site, how you leverage software in the cloud, or even the custom solutions that give your company a competitive edge, I’ll provide you with the best strategy to move you to the next phase of maturity in your business.


I’m on your side when it comes to dealing with the multitude of choices that IT brings to the table. Whether you are a purpose driven entrepreneur, passionate company executive or visionary business leader, I’m the experienced voice who will look out for you when it comes to choosing the solutions that will enable you to grow your business.


I work with clients who are passionate about giving employees the best experience possible in their jobs and delivering customers the most satisfying experience in the market. Business is about people and IT must be able to enhance experiences and your ability to offer value.

I started my career in IT more than 30 years ago with a BSc in Computing Science from the University of Alberta at a time when a single computer filled a room. I’ve witnessed the evolution of software from programming on punched cards to client server to the birth of the internet and highly scalable, distributed systems enabled by cloud computing. I built my first web based applications when the Internet was merely a gleam in many people’s eyes. I’ve worked for companies of all sizes from small one person companies to large Fortune 500’s across Canada and the US. I’ve seen the emergence of consumer computing in smartphones and how that gives everyone the power to improve their daily interactions.

It’s been quite a ride. I wake up each and every day passionate to use my knowledge and experience to improve lives through the proper application of IT.

Along with my long IT career, I’ve also been a founding business owner of three companies. I understand the challenges of being a business owner. I understand the importance of the systems designed to deliver top notch products and services to customers. No matter the size, success in business occurs when passionate people have come together to deliver value.


IT done right can support and amplify growth. IT done wrong can bring a business to it’s knees. A paradigm shift is underway that will allow companies of any size, small or large, to leverage information technology without requiring deep pockets – a paradigm shift that I believe represents a massive leveling of the playing field for all companies. It is this shift that I can help you navigate.