ERP Software that Supports Your Business

Here at Solgistic® we understand that success of software that supports your business is mostly about how well it is aligned to the business systems that have contributed to your business’ success, as well as, the ability for those systems to scale as your business grows.

It is about features that align and support those business systems, not hinder or get in the way.

Achieving such a strong foundation with that alignment to your business systems requires more than pointing your people at a cloud based application and hoping for the best. Rather it means following an intentional process that aligns the fit of the software solution to your business processes, provides a path to migrate from existing products that your business is using and ensures that your staff are trained to effectively use the software. All with out skipping a beat.

Solgistic’s ERP Solution

Rather than trying to cobble together a number of disparate cloud based solutions, at Solgistic® we believe in an approach that delivers a software solution which is fully integrated. To this end, Solgistic’s® solution is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software package that provides a robust software ERP feature set but without the excessive costs normally associated with ERP software packages. This allows us to focus your investment on the successful implementation of the software in your business.

This ERP Software has modules that support all of the key business capabilities and systems you need to grow your business, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales, Purchasing, Accounting, Inventory, Payroll, Recruitment and specialized modules such as Manufacturing and Project Management.

Solgistic® is also here to help you install and implement the ERP to support your business processes and thus grow smoothly. And we will provide all the training your employees need to succeed. We are committed to do that in a way that is affordable, clear, credible and with high integrity. We want to be your go-to company for all things software in your business.

Solgistic® Operates Transparently and With Accountability

There are many software companies who hide behind the complexity of IT concepts, often deflecting blame for issues that arise to the technology or the users who operate the technology. We are different. At Solgistic®, we operate in ways that ensure you always know what we are doing, how much it’s going to cost and we are always accountable to those commitments.

Contact us for a free assessment to determine if our ERP solution is right for your business or for a quotation to download and install it for your business.